Animal Health & Sanitation for Livestock Production

No industry depends on microbial performance as much as animal production.  When we concentrate animals, a tremendous amount of biology is required to assure good yields, animal health, and proper sanitation.  When we add EKO GEA technologies to this process, it enables us to genuinely close the loop between feeding, growing animals, and managing their waste.  Properly managed, microbes help us keep everything on the farm:  waste (as an asset), water, energy, carbon, and nutrients - while providing yield increases, resilient gut health, and profitability.

BCx solutions for animal health

Feed supplementation

Animals are what their microbes eat. Healthy gut microbes produce enzymes and short-chain-fatty-acids (SFCA's), improve feed conversion, nutrient and water absorption, musculature, and general health.  A resilient gut modulates immune responses and promotes yield.  Young animals get a proper life start, assuring life-long performance. 

Sanitation and Manure Management 

BCx, as a sanitation tool in housing, produces dramatic improvements in stall climate – lowered odour, humidity, stall ammonia, and H₂S.  The biological ion exchange capacity of BCx provides immediate odour reduction.  Manure pumpability is increased with less sticking and no foaming.  Ion exchange ensures sound microbiology, and microbes mineralise waste, quickly transforming manure into a manageable source of carbon & nitrogen energy.  Again,  this reduces pathogens in housing, ponds, and lagoons. BCx lessens the pressure of animal waste on the planet, biologically, in a variety of farmer-friendly applications.


EKO GEA offers a breakthrough process for AD and biogas production.  If your goals are maximising biogas for energy, completely eliminating manure, or generating rich fertiliser for crop vitality, we provide a full range of solutions. 

  • Nutrient Flexibility

    • Our process can complete the digestion process to fully clean waste, or halt the process to provide highest-quality NPK nutrients for land application - all on a sliding scale - depending on what is desired, when.

Environmental Sustainability on the farm:

For biology to work, microbes require food, mainly as Carbon and Nitrogen, easily found in manure waste.  Growing animals in concentrated feeding operations produces a nightmare of carbon and nutrient waste.  EKO GEA grows the microbes needed to clean the environment via microbes - nature's way - whilst improving animal health.  We provide livestock producers with a breakthrough edge for wholly sustainable farm practices.

Microbial diversity

Diverse microbial populations foster health in animals.  Microbial diversity is key. Microbes are essential to feed conversion and nutrient assimilation, and beneficial microbes naturally out-compete pathogens.  

BCx is rich in algal oligosaccharides, a unique food for microbes.  BCx is rich in polyuronic acid which provides ion exchange capacity, a mechanism which also supports microbial health, diversity, and proliferation. 

We combine BCx with our engineering solutions to provide waste elimination and unparalleled biogas production.

Sound Microbiology.  Solid Engineering.

biological solutions for a complex world

Close the Loop

“It is almost a matter of feeding the bacteria, instead of the animal.” May 2017 Academy, European Federation on Animal Science (EEAP)

making complex simple

biological solutions for gut health and animal sanitation