biological solutions for a complex world

Microbes are everywhere, and they rule the natural world.  Where there are microbes, there is metabolism – things breaking down and building up.  All biological processes and many industries depend on how well microbes perform. 


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Whether we’re growing crops, cleaning waste or water, or feeding our animals, microbes make it happen.  Supporting the microbes which do this work is complex, but we make it simple. We feed and protect microbes, and they do what they do - metabolise and proliferate - speeding and protecting natural biological processes.

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Our Core Technology

EKO GEA’s core technology is Biocomplex, or BCx - a prebiotic biostimulant – the ideal tool for biology. It creates ideal prebiotic chemistry and promotes vast, beneficial microbial populations which support health and clean the environment.  


We work in many sectors at EKO GEA, and our BCx prebiotic is at the core of everything we do.

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Our Story

Our chief scientist and microbiologist, Goran Ďorđič, sought to find a better way to support microbes where they live and work.  He investigated many raw materials and settled on the marine algae, Ascophyllum nodosum.  Goran’s Eureka! moment came when he isolated and extracted the polyuronic acid and oligosaccharides content – intact – biologically. 

EKO GEA’s intellectual property, BCx, was born.

Where there is life, microbes are at work, breaking down waste and building up nutrients.  BCx underpins life by feeding and protecting the microbes in their "hosts" and in the environment. Wherever things are wet and warm, BCx assures efficiency and beneficial biological activity.  BCx works in waste, in the gut, on skin, in water - wherever microbes live and work.

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Ascophyllum nodosum marine algae

Why it Works

How it Works

Microbes are the earth’s unseen workers.  Whether we’re cleaning waste, converting nutrients, creating renewable energy, or feeding plants and animals – microbes make it happen.  Plants and animals are metabolically incompetent.  We need microbes to grow and microbes to break down waste.  Like us, microbes need food and protection too.


BCx feeds and protects microbes.

  • Ion exchange:  polyuronic acid in BCx provides ion exchange which paves the way for microbial diversity and health by reducing impediments like ammonia, antibiotics, sanitisers, and free ion inhibitors.  In the real world, sound microbiology is optimised with the benefit of ion exchange.

  • Unique food for microbes:  oligosaccharides in BCx offer microbes an ideal food rarely found in nature.  Trace minerals and micronutrients also do their part.

  • Gel-like matrix:  the physical, gelling property of BCx evenly distributes nutrients which promotes healthy and diverse microbial colonies, in situ, where they do their work – in the gut, in the waste, in the biogas plant, wherever. 


Together, these mechanisms create complex, multi-layered support to the natural growth and interactions of microbes.  Vast, diverse, healthy populations result. They depend on signals, metabolites, and nutrients from one another.  Microbes create enzymes which catalyse and  further speed biological processes, and they accomplish for us what only microbes can – feeding and cleaning this planet. Biocomplex triggers unseen manoeuvres and puts life science into action.

Industrial environments are particularly hostile to microbes, full of chemical inhibitors and biological competitors. Promoting beneficial populations is most difficult precisely where they're most needed. By applying BCx, we provide microbes with a protected place and an ideal food so they can grow and work – breaking down waste, building up enzymes and nutrients, cleaning, and metabolising. 


BCx is the ultimate biological tool – speeding, feeding, and protecting via our best allies, microbes.

biological solutions for a complex world